Thursday, August 13, 2015

Super sensitive (migraine?) and then crazy bad nausea

So Reagan spent the night again in her tomato chair...with her being so nauseous, we just couldn't even attempt to lay her in bed. I gave her clonidine and we moved her to her chair and she dozed off shortly thereafter. She and her brother were both awake at 7 when I got up. She was still SUPER sensitive and a little gaggy. I gave her another dose of Zofran. Her sensitivity today was clearly triggered by light (among other things) and very stereotypical of a migraine. I decided to try the Imitrex (migraine medication) we still had from last year when we tried it on her on a bad/nauseous day. I'm not sure if it actually helped or not. She did seem a little less sensitive (and the nausea went away for the most part) the rest of the day, but who knows. She's been pretty serious but calm all day. She had PT around noon and despite being calm, her body is still very tense. They did get her up in her stander for a bit and her nurse said the entire time she had a not too pleased expression on her face! Afterward she had OT and she was able to get in some good stretches for her neck and side (even though at times she was looking like she might fall asleep)! The rest of the day she just took it easy. She would whimper here and there, but overall she's had a pretty calm and quiet day. Looking super cute and somber. Love this girl. Hoping she can pull out of this slump she's been in and have a great weekend!
So I was all ready to hit publish when Reagan's nurse told me she was seeing a resurgence of the nausea. I went and checked on her and she seemed OK. Then an hour or so later it hit again and this time it hit HARD! The nonstop gagging/retching, spit pooling up in her mouth and choking her kinda nausea that we haven't seen in MONTHS! Months and months. Ugh. We just gave her some clonidine at 10pm and she has finally dozed off. Praying she can stay asleep and wake up feeling much improved. I don't know what this is about but I DON'T LIKE IT! Not one bit. Praying this is just an isolated incidence and we don't see this again anytime soon. :(

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