Saturday, August 29, 2015

Still good

Reagan slept well last night and even slept in a little this morning, but woke up smiling and in a good mood again. We had a new nurse orient this morning. Not sure yet if she's a good fit, but we may find out as we have multiple nurses out this next week because of Labor Day weekend and we need someone to fill their shifts! Grandma came in last night so both kiddos are pretty happy about that...lots of Grandma time today. Tonight Grandma stayed with Reagan while we took Ryan to a baseball game. He ate at least half a giant bag of cotton candy, so yeah he had a good time! We did have a super loud annoying woman behind us that took some of the enjoyment out of the game, but overall we had a good time. Tonight Reagan was having some temperature regulation issues, so we couldn't really let her sit in her tomato chair at all and we had to either hold her or keep her on a pallet on the floor. I think I'll definitely start giving her the pedialyte tomorrow. Everything is still good but there are some signs that we don't want to ignore! Hoping for lots more good days for our girl.

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