Monday, August 3, 2015

Squirmy, sweaty girl

I think Reagan slept most of the night last night. She woke me up around 5am, crunched up in a ball with all of her covers kicked off. I tried to just recover her and leave her in bed, but she was super vocal and was not going to tolerate that! I changed her and we moved her into the therapy room to watch cartoons and we went back to bed! She's still very crunchy today...hands in her hair or mouth at all times. She had speech and OT and did pretty well with both...considering. Chewed on her chewy tube during speech and got in some sitting and pushing up during OT. Her temperature regulation is still way off! Sweating her shirt completely wet when in her tomato chair. We've also noticed along with the temperature dysregulation that she's having less pees. Only three today, all fairly big and on her own, but still a little concerning. Tonight she spent more time on the floor wiggling around (our attempt at keeping her from sweating like crazy). We'd pull her back up, she'd wiggle back down. Over and over! Her mood is good, but I sure wish we could get that body to just relax! Hoping she gets some sleep tonight!


Anonymous said...

I love reading Reagan's story. Thanks for sharing her story. I love seeing updates on how she is doing!

Reagan Leigh said...

Oh thank you! It's nice of you to comment! I know people still read it, but not many people comment anymore. Sometimes I feel as though I'm just writing it for myself! ;)