Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sleepy metabolic appt

Today was a sleepy day. Not a sleep the entire day, sleepy day, but a sleepy day nonetheless (today was day 5 since her last sleepy day, so we were kinda expecting it). Reagan slept well last night and then just kept sleeping this morning. She missed her make up session of PT, but that's OK, I guess she needs the sleep! She didn't wake up til 12:30pm when her nurse decided to go ahead and change her to get her ready for her afternoon Drs appointment. She woke up a little wide eyed and serious, but calm. She stayed awake and was very cool and calm the rest of the afternoon. We had a pretty uneventful appt with her genetic/metabolic Dr...he basically just went through all of the "systems" making sure everything had been checked up on this past year. He did want to order some labs, in addition to the Stanford EPI-743 labs we needed to do, so we decided to just run up to the lab on our way out to get that taken care of. Ryan was a real stinker during her appt but much better while Reagan got her blood drawn. Reagan was a pro and the phlebotomist got it in the first stick! Both kiddos were looking really sleepy on our way home (and our way there). Reagan woke up when Mike carried her out of the car but dozed right off as soon as her nurse put her in her bean bag chair. And then she just continued sleeping the rest of the night! We moved her to her bed after we got back from Bible study but she was OUT. So happy to see my girl sleeping peacefully in her bed. Sleep does not come easy for this one, so when she can relax enough to sleep (especially with her arms relaxed up over her head) makes me so happy! Love this girl!


heidi kloostra said...

Thats how i sleep! :) You have 2 beautiful children! It brightens my day to see how Reagan is doing! Thanks for taking your time to tell us how she is doing!

Reagan Leigh said...

;) They were cracking us up in the car! Two very sleepy kids!