Friday, August 21, 2015

She laughed...she cried!

Reagan woke up this morning around 5am and was vocalizing here and there. I waited until 5:45 to go in and get her and found her turned over on her tummy essentially trapped! Poor thing! I turned her over and she was very hot (not sweaty just hot), so I changed her out of her long sleeve pjs and moved her to her chair in her therapy room. Around 6:15 I finally went and laid back down but not for long, at 7am she was vocal and Mike thought she might escalate (she had a tear in her eyes) so I got up and sat down beside her and held her hand...that seemed to help for the time being. She did get upset to the point of tears when her nurse and I were talking first thing this morning but that was short lived. She seemed a little groggy and almost fell asleep during her only therapy of the day speech, you could tell she was tired but she just couldn't fall asleep. Then around noon she had two random outbursts of crying but a dose of oxycodone helped her to settle down and take a nap. This afternoon she was calm but grinding her teeth and whimpering a lot. Lots of random tear drops throughout the day but not a lot of long crying spells and we were even able to get some laughs and smiles. Very strange. Something is bothering her but we aren't quite sure what (although tummy is usually our first guess). Tonight there was more crying. While ibuprofen didn't seem to do a thing, oxycodone helped her to settle down. Tonight clondine and some mommy cuddle time did the trick and she's in bed asleep at the moment. Something tells me this will be short lived, so I'm going to do my best to get to sleep ASAP! Please keep my girl in your prayers!!

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