Friday, August 14, 2015

Rough night but GREAT day!

Last night was rough. Seriously. Reagan only slept til about 12:10am or so. I was up with her moaning and still pretty nauseous until 1am (there were lots of tears but they were all mine)! Mike got up around 1am and decided to try to lay in bed with her to see if she'd sleep. Not a lot of luck. She was in and out of sleep but just restless...couldn't stay asleep. I decided to try her in her chair again at 2am and I could finally try another dose of clonidine. I think it worked because we were all able to snooze for a bit. I got up at 5:30am to run and she was asleep. By the time I got back she was awake, but at least she slept some! Thankfully she was awake but stable. No more nausea other than some licky sort of mouth movements but those are pretty normal for her. SUPER sweet. Very smiley and just plain darling. SO THRILLED to see that. She's had a really good day today. Been a little groggy at times and taken some small cat naps, but for the most part she's been awake and happy all day. She only had one therapy, a make up session of PT, she was trying to fall asleep beforehand but she was awake and got some good stretching in. Still pretty tight but hopefully she'll continue to loosen up over the weekend. Temperature regulation issues have lessened although she's still getting a warm back (no more sweating through her shirt) and her hands/feet are still pretty cold at times. She started off the day still holding her pees but she did have one big one by herself this afternoon, so hopefully we're almost done with that too. Hoping for a really great weekend for my girl...she certainly deserves it after the rough week she's had. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

Selfie with her nurse Megan! 

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