Thursday, August 20, 2015

Less kooky but still on edge

Reagan slept well last night. Actually both kids didn't wake up til 7:30am ish...woo hoo! Reagan woke up doing a lot of mouth movements (licky and swallowy and even a little burpy) but not gaggy. She's been a little less kooky today. Still vocal but not quite as much. Another big poo this morning (what's up with that). She had PT and OT today and did pretty well with both. Tonight she seems a little more sensitive/on edge than before. Thankfully we had a nurse from 6-10pm so we were able to keep her up separate from her brother so she could relax. She dozed off just before 10 and Mike was able to transfer her to her bed. Hoping she can sleep tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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