Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oh sleepy day

Last night Reagan slept like and log...and then just kept sleeping! That's right, today was a sleepy day! Thank you God! I'm hoping that the resurfacing of the sleepy day means that we will forgo the bad days this go round (or for good)! She slept all morning (even through diaper changes) and didn't even wake up when we put her in the car to go to her long awaited PM&R appt (we've rescheduled it many times). She slept the whole way there...both of them were sleeping actually. They both woke up when we got there but thankfully she woke up in a calm (albeit crunchy) mood. Pretty serious, no smiles, but calm. She was good during her entire appt even while the doctor moved her legs around, her tight ankles/feet, and we talked about systems to help in lifting her. It wasn't until the very end that she sported the pouty lip and shed a solitary tear! We managed to keep quiet and she settled down. Afterward we headed over to radiology downstairs to get a quick bone age (for her endocrinology dr). Reagan did great and then dozed most of the way home and promptly passed right out as soon as we got her home! And she's been sleeping ever since. Every now and then she'll make a noise and move around a little, but she dozes right back off. By the way, all temperature regulation issues are now gone! As we've been noticing, the sleepy days tend to hit a sort of reset button for her and her hands and feet have been nice and toasty with no sign of the back sweats! Hoping she wakes up well rested and happy tomorrow (we still need to go get her endocrinology labs done but just haven't found the right moment)!

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