Saturday, August 15, 2015

No more Saturday nurse

Mike was gone fishing last night and this morning, so I was really thankful that Reagan slept like a rock last night! She woke up around 7am, I got up and moved her to her therapy room and then went back to retrieve my phone. There I found several text messages waiting for me from the nursing agency (never a good thing). Our Saturday nurse, the one who didn't work last Saturday and went home early the Saturday before, called in sick. ONE HOUR BEFORE her shift! Ugh. That's it for her. I was never a huge fan (just too young and undependable) but I was livid after today! Thankfully both kiddos were very good and our Thursday night nurse agreed to pick up come in at 1pm. I know we have had some nursing issues (and staffing is even worse), but our regular nurses have been awesome!! So for that we have been very lucky. Today was another really good day for my girl. She was sweet and super smiley. Just as perfect as can be!! I'm almost glad that nurse didn't show. I would've hated to have this sweetness wasted on her!! Tonight I got in lots of snuggles...hoping she can get another good night's sleep!!

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