Saturday, August 8, 2015

Great day

Reagan had a really great day today! She slept well, waking up around 7:30am, and she was all smiles! Her body was also very relaxed, but she was alert! Big giant eyes, hands easily controlled, super would've been the perfect day for pictures! Well, except the heat and the fact that our photographer is booked up on weekends. Oh well...eventually we will get that family photoshoot done! Reagan was a doll though and we were all loving it (Grandma included)! No nurse today, but that was OK. We were able to have her all to ourselves! She was very cuddly and content. A little loosey goosey in the body, but her head control was still good. Her nose is also a little red again from rubbing at it, although she's pretty sneaky with it and we don't notice her doing it...just the red nose afterward. She did have a HUGE blowout that required quite the cleanup, but she must have felt better after that! We waited until 8pm to get her in the pool tonight (because it was so hot), but she really seemed to enjoy herself! No sun shining in her eyes. She was kicking around and moving herself in the pool more than she normally does. Brother was a maniac, but what is new. He was climbing to the top of the rock waterfall and then jumping off of it! We had to put a stop to that! Definitely an accident waiting to happen!  We were in for an hour or so and both kiddos were worn out...Reagan quickly dozed off in her chair. Hoping for another good night's sleep and wonderful day for my girl again tomorrow!

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Heather said...

So lucky to have that pool. Even if it means waiting until 8 to swim. Cracked me up about Ryan. Sounds exactly like Joe. Hoping today was a good day for Reagan, just as you wished.