Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First day of 3rd grade!

Reagan had a good day today. She's been a little crunchy and had some temperature regulation issues (sweaty and cold hands/feet), but she's been super smiley and happy. A lot more quiet than yesterday. When she first woke up she was a little gunky in her throat, but she cleared that fairly quickly. She's been a little mouthy/sticking her tongue out a lot again today, but not at all nauseous so that's good. She had a busy day of therapy and school today. She had PT in the morning, OT in the afternoon, and then school/vision! Her PT is a little worried about how her right leg is looking in her stander.  I think we may need to get those leg/hip xrays sooner than we were planning. OT worked a lot with her on trying to get her to open up (since she's so crunchy) and in sitting. She did well. Then today was her 1st day of 3rd grade (homebound)! We've never actually done a 1st day of school picture but today we did! We took 1000 pics or so to get a few keepers!! :) She did really well with school and vision therapy as well. Tonight she's been a little more sweaty, so I've kept her on the floor letting her roll and kick around. She's still got a huge smile on her face! Hoping she can get another good night's sleep tonight!!

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