Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crunchy and vocal

With all of that sleep yesterday, my girl decided that she was going to wake up at 4am today! She's been very vocal and a wee bit kooky today. Very crunchy and into her hair nonstop...her body is super tense. She's been good though. Very sweet and happy. Especially vocal when she's not getting nonstop attention. Tonight her temperature regulation has been off. She soaked through her shirt sitting in her tomato chair, so I had to transfer her to the floor where she could roll around. And roll around she did! Every minute or so we were having to pull her back up onto her pillow! She was super active. She also wasn't winding down at all. So eventually I gave her clonidine and that seemed to help almost immediately. Daddy took her upstairs and laid down with her where she fell asleep. Hoping she can sleep tonight and wake up a little less tense tomorrow!

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