Friday, August 7, 2015

Calm but vocal

Reagan has had a good day today. She slept well last night and woke up around 7:30am. She was still pretty serious and wide eyed, but very calm. She had a huge wet diaper (maybe a little stinky?)...thankfully she's going on her own again. Her temperature regulation issues also resolved themselves yesterday. No more sweaty back and ice cold hands and feet. She's been super precious today. Only one therapy, speech, first thing this morning but she did really well with it. She's gotten progressively more vocal as the day has gone on. Lots of random high pitched squeals...but happy squeals. We've tried pretty hard for smiles and haven't gotten any true smiles...but she's "smizing" as Tyra Banks would say (smiling with her eyes)! Her body is still pretty relaxed, she's putting her hands in her mouth, but she's not really fighting to get them back when we put them under her weighted blanket or take them away from her. I'm hoping she's going to give us a nice relaxed weekend! Grandma's I know she'll be happy about that. No nurse tomorrow but our Thursday night nurse is picking up Sunday for us, so at least we have one day covered. I would love to get her in the pool again...maybe tomorrow morning before it gets brutally hot?!?! Our temperature gauge says it's 105 right now on our patio although that can't possibly be right. Right? Yuck!

Reagan modeling her Ainsley's Angels medal from our sunrise 5k two weekends ago!

Ryan at his favorite restaurant! The only meat this kid likes...lamb gyro meat! 


Diane said...

What great pic's of both kids! Reagan looks so grown up and prettier by the day! So glad she had a good day today.. Hilarious that Ryan loves lamb of all things! The one meat that most won't even consider! :-) Try to stay cool! 105 is awful.. 100-102 here north of Houston and that is too hot!

heidi kloostra said...

105 is terrible! its only 77 in michigan!