Monday, August 31, 2015

Bad day

It was a rough night last night and a rough day today! Definitely a "bad day", but not as bad as they sometimes are. So when she was miserable...she was pretty miserable!!! But there were a few times, once this morning from about 8-10am and again this afternoon from 12-1 where she was awake and seemed OK. She was calm, relatively still, and even a little laughy at times. But then the pain (or whatever it is) would set in and she'd be moany/crying until we gave her some sort of pain med. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for too long. I think 2hrs max and usually 30min-1hr...that's not nearly long enough. Her nurse kept her on the floor the entire day, not because her temp was off (although her hands/feet were still cold/clammy), but because when we laid her down at 8am she almost immediately calmed down and relaxed. Plus it was good for her to spend some time out of her chair. Most bad days, she's in her chair almost nonstop. We did keep her left arm restraint on all day today because she was very bitey...especially with that hand. For the right hand we just held it or kept it under a weighted blanket. She did doze off and on throughout the day, with the help of meds, but not nearly as long as we had hoped. She was also holding her pee, she had less diapers than usual during the day but then tonight she didn't go until I finally helped her with the warm water trick! It was a big one though so hopefully that will help her sleep! She eventually fell asleep in my arms and Mike was able to move her to her bed. I would LOVE for her to sleep in her bed tonight, but I'm skeptical considering she's pretty much been getting pain meds around the clock and every time I go in there to give her her normal pm meds, she moves and crunches up (but keeps her eyes closed). Praying for a better day for my girl tomorrow and a good night's sleep tonight!

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