Sunday, August 30, 2015

A bit off but still smiling

Reagan woke up this morning around 3am, she was very vocal. I changed her and tucked her back in bed, but I'm pretty sure she never went back to sleep. Finally around 7am, I got up and moved her into her therapy room. She promptly sweat through her clothes sitting in her tomato chair. We moved her downstairs and set up a nice cushiony pallet for her to roll around on and that's where she spent the entire day! She's been very kicky, squirmy but good. Chewing on her hands a lot (maybe because she can't get them tangled in her hair anymore)! Tonight she started up with some crazy laughs. She's definitely a bit off. I started giving her pedialyte flushes today, so hopefully that might help with whatever is going on. She did doze off with the help of clonidine and is in her bed asleep at the moment...let's just pray she stays that way!

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