Monday, July 20, 2015

Vocal and very little sleep

Sleep last night was similar to the night before...not much of it. Reagan was very vocal and we were just doing our best to try to sleep through it. Eventually around 6am I got up and went to check on her and she had scooted her way down her bed and was laying on top of her covers/comforter with a leaky wet diaper! So it was another early morning for me, I changed her, got her up and into her chair, and then started washing all of her bedding! I seriously feel like I'm ALWAYS doing laundry! And there is always more! It never ends!!! I so am not cut out to be a house wife! Reagan was a little too kooky/vocal this morning and seemed like she might very well go over the edge. Around 6:45am I gave her some oxycodone and she seemed to calm down a little. Finally around 7:45am she fell back to sleep and took a tiny little nap! She woke up shortly after her nurse got here and was raring to go. She had three therapies today and did well with them all. Everyone had to keep things calm and cool so as not to overstimulate her, but she did well. Speech, PT, & was a busy day! She didn't seem to be a huge fan of me talking to her nurse this afternoon (she'd just get more vocal) so we tried to keep our conversations to a minimum. Not a bad day though. No sleep. Hoping tonight will be the night!
Ryan at Hop n Happy today! 

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