Thursday, July 9, 2015

UTI?!?!? Oh my!

Reagan was a little restless last night, but we think she slept fairly well. She was pretty vocal here and there but then she'd settle down a be quiet for long stretches, so we think she was sleeping! She was super sweet and smiley again today. She had two therapies today, OT and PT and she did great with both. We did find out today that she has a UTI!!! I know, what the heck?!?! When they cathed her last week, they obviously checked it in the office and didn't see anything concerning, but when they grew it up, it eventually grew E. coli! So we're starting her on antibiotics today for 10days and then we'll have to check it again when she's done. Poor girl. She never ran a fever or anything so it was impossible to know. Overall she's been good. A little kooky at times and wiping at her nose quite a bit (so we're trying to keep her hands away from her), but good. Tonight Mike and I were able to go out on a date night. I was telling Mike the other day, we've gone on more date nights since we've lived here in Austin, than we did in all the years we were married (certainly all the years we've had kids). We have my Dad to thank for that as well as our great nurses! Reagan was sound asleep in her bean bag chair when the nurse left tonight. Hoping she can sleep a little more soundly tonight! 

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