Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tummy pains?

Reagan woke up today! Unfortunately, something definitely seems to be bothering her. If I had to guess, it's probably her tummy! It's been days since her last poo and she's just so tense and crunchy, poor thing, I think she's in a lot of pain. It definitely seems to come in waves. This morning she was borderline tears and I was able to give her oxycodone and she fell asleep for a while. The rest of the day nothing seemed to help her. She wasn't miserable nonstop...she even would smile and make great eye contact with us off and on...she was just miserable in spurts. She did cry several times, but it wasn't the nonstop cry all day sort of crying, so I wouldn't really consider this an actual "bad day". She's just SO TENSE. Hoping she can sleep this off tonight.

I wanted to post this amazing video of what Ryan did in the pool tonight with Mike! Talk about a natural! I couldn't believe it!

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