Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Reagan woke up this morning early. I'm actually sure how much she slept last night. She was very restless and making noises here and there. Finally when I got up to run at 5:45 I decided to just change her diaper and put her in her chair. She was wide awake and very vocal. She's been vocal and a little kooky all day today. She had a speech this morning and did really well with her eyegaze (the best in weeks) and afterward even had some food! Then she had some PT and did great with that as well. She's been a little more laughy today. Kooky and laughy. But sweet. Hoping this sweet girl can get some sleep tonight...
While running errands Ryan instantly knew we were in the vicinity of Jumpstreet!
He insisted we go "jump"! Thankfully it's only $4...$4 well spent!

Rolling his little ball up and down the trampoline

Feeding the fish in Grandpa's backyard!
I've never seen a red dragonfly!

At the park behind Grandpa's house
This boy loves his Grandpa!

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