Monday, July 13, 2015

So much better but crunchy

Reagan woke up SO much better today! Her body is still super tense and she's been a crunch-o-potomus, but she's had huge smiles and you can just tell she feels loads better. I think a poo or two has helped, but that tummy is still a-rumbling! She had speech this morning and although she was cooperative, she wasn't super participative. She was making great eye contact, just not really wanting to do the eye gaze. During PT she got in some good stretching, which is great since her body has been so tense and crunchy (hands tangled up in her hair nonstop). And during OT she spent some time in the stander which really seemed to help her open up and relax a little. She's had a good/busy day of therapy...especially considering her day yesterday. Tonight she's been a little prone to temperature dysregulation. After only sitting in her chair for a short while, her back was completely drenched in sweat! She faired a little better on a pallet on her floor where she could roll around and stay cool. Hoping she can sleep tonight...she's doesn't really seem to be winding down AT ALL!!

Here are a few pics of my new caterpillar obsession as Mike would like to call it! I'm growing Monarch caterpillars again from eggs! Maybe I should have been an entomologist?
And now we wait...

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