Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sleepy time

So we finally had a nurse on a Saturday AND Grandma came to visit and Reagan had a sleepy day! She was only awake a few brief times but she was pretty out of it. She wasn't upset or anything (I'm not sure if she was even awake long enough to get upset), but her body was a little tense and she was just kind of in a fog. Ryan enjoyed the one on one Grandma time and we worked on getting him to drink from another cup (he's super attached to his one type of sippy cup and carries it around in his mouth like a pacifier...a habit we HAVE to break)! He cried for the first couple hours but eventually drank out of it without a fight. Definite progress...

New cup we're trying. It's called the Reflo smart cup. Just a regular cup with a valve you push into it to keep too much from coming out at once! Pretty great idea. 

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