Friday, July 17, 2015

Sleepy but sweet

Reagan slept last night! After her sleepy day yesterday, she just kept sleeping! She did wake up though. She's had a few longer naps today but she didn't sleep the entire day like she sometimes does. When awake, she's been pretty precious! Super calm and quiet. Very still. A little serious, but good. She took one long nap this morning and another this afternoon. She was asleep when the nurse left and laying in her bean bag chair. I was cooking dinner and checking on her periodically on the monitor. She kept waking up with a fuss, kicking around a little, and then going right back to sleep. At one point I looked at the monitor to find her GONE! I knew she must have slid off the bean bag chair but I was horrified at the thought! I took off running and ran into the room to find her laying face down on the floor fast asleep! Poor thing! Thank God there wasn't anything nearby that could've hurt her as she slid down! I moved her to her wedge on the floor and changed her diaper and she stayed asleep! She only woke up one more time so I eventually just moved her to her bed! Talk about a sleepy girl!

I took Ryan to the pool this morning with one of the kiddos from his class. He was interested in the splash pad but not too interested in getting splashed by it!

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