Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sleepy and still not wanting to pee

Last night was another night of not much sleep for my girl. I think she was just very restless again. Finally around 6am I heard her make a not so happy noise, so I jumped up and ran in there. She was OK but a bit serious at first. I think just disoriented. Once I picked her up and moved her to her chair, she was all smiles again. No pee again. Her nurse gave her a little while but then finally tried the water trick on her and sure enough, it worked immediately. She dozed off a little later and then slept for 3hrs or so. She woke back up just in time for her only therapy today, OT. After therapy and still no more pees, her nurse tried the water trick again. Again, she got another pee. (And again tonight...3 pees but every time we had to use the water trick!) Ugh. What's going on with this girl! Pee on your own already!! She's definitely been more still today. Less chorea and less handsy. Hopefully this will eventually translate to less tension in her body but as of now, she's still pretty stiff. She had another long stretch of sleep this afternoon/night. I'm hoping maybe this means her body will finally relax a little and get some sleep! It's nice to have such a smiley girl, I just wish her body would cooperate!

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