Monday, July 6, 2015

Sleepy AGAIN

So today was a sleepy say the least. Reagan slept all night last night and then slept all day today. She was still fast asleep in her bed at noon when her nurse had to finally change her, she had leaked through her diaper/pants. She was SO asleep though, she never woke up! She put a waterproof pad underneath her, changed her diaper/pants, and then just let her be. Finally around 4pm we moved her to her therapy room so that we could change out the sheets on her bed. I changed her diaper and she opened her eyes for a few seconds, but that was it. She was back out. The stinky pees are definitely back. Too bad they weren't like this last week when we had her cathed. We left her on a wedge/mat on the floor in her therapy room just to get her in a different position for a while. She was a lot more restless on the one point she was completely upside down from the way I had left her! We eventually transferred her to her newly made bed, so hopefully she's down for the night. She seemed pretty serene in her sleep. Not really smiling (as she sometimes does), but just calm. Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow feeling rested and more herself!

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