Thursday, July 2, 2015

Settle down and go to sleep!

So last night was a bit of a disaster. When Mike tried to lay Reagan down, she just got increasingly agitated and vocal. She wasn't responding to medication and she got a case of the hiccups that would not go away (probably reflux related). She was also making a lot of mouth movements, so I gave her some Zofran just in case. Finally I had the great idea to swab her mouth with some water (to try to help with the hiccups) and she choked a little on the water and the relentless hiccups went away! I think that was the key to her being able to settle down. I finally went and laid down in my bed around 1am and she was still awake but looking sleepy. I think she did eventually fall asleep because I never heard another peep out of her. I got up at 5:45am to run (yes, apparently I am that crazy) and she was asleep! She woke up in good mood but was still a little vocal and maybe a little nauseous. She had an early session of school and she did get a little excited when her teacher first got here, but she calmed down and ended up having a good session. Then in the afternoon her PT came for a make up session. Reagan did well with that and even spent some time in her stander. She's still into her hands a lot and has spent time in an arm restraint today just trying to keep her from jamming her fingers down her throat. But otherwise she's been pretty good. Hoping she's going to settle down enough to actually sleep in her bed tonight! I definitely need some sleep!
Oh my...I can't even begin to explain how much I love this picture! She is such a sweetheart! 
When she is up in this stander we get a glimpse of what she might look like if she were a walking, talking, 8yr old...tears!

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