Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red nosed cutie

Reagan was a little kooky last night. She woke up around 4am and was being very vocal. Mike went in to check on her and laid down with her and they both fell back to sleep. They were still asleep when I left for my run, but by the time I got back she was awake and vocal again! I changed her and moved her to her therapy room. She definitely seems to get more vocal when you're not sitting beside her or giving her direct attention! She's had a good day today. She had speech and PT and did well with both. We got some super cute pictures of during PT. No more hiccups today but she has had some wet sounding burps. This afternoon we noticed the reappearance of the red nose. It happens about once a week and usually through very subtle movements of her hand, she manages to swipe at it just enough to turn it a nice bright red! Tonight I even put an arm restraint on her to try to prevent it from getting worse. Tonight when Mike put her down to sleep she really seemed to be out. She didn't even move a muscle when I went to hook her up to her formula. Hopefully that means she'll actually sleep tonight! 

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