Saturday, July 18, 2015

A walk and some kooky screams

Reagan was a little restless when we first laid her down last night but eventually I think she settled into a deep sleep. Unfortunately after 2 days of sleepiness she was ready to wake up a little earlier than I'd prefer on a Saturday morning. She initially woke me up around 5:15am. I went in there, covered her back up, and told her to go back to sleep. She didn't listen. Finally around 6:30am I went back in and changed her diaper and moved her to her therapy room. She was ready to get up! She's had a good day today. She was super sweet and precious this morning so we decided to go for a walk. We walked down the road over to a neighborhood park. Once at the park we heard all kinds of sirens and even a helicopter...we knew there was an emergency somewhere nearby. Turns out, there had been a horrible accident right where we had just been walking 15min earlier. Several cars were speeding down the road, all going way too fast 80+ in a residential area, and the last of the cars lost control and ended up wrapped around a tree. Terrible. Definite fatality. Just thankful no pedestrians were hurt (including us)! We took the long way home, which inadvertatly saved us from seeing the accident firsthand, but it was a looooong walk. Everyone got their full dose of sun! Reagan was great though and even tolerated all of the neighborhood noise from people mowing their lawns without a problem. This afternoon she's been a little more vocal. Lots of crazy sudden squeals/screams. I do think some of it is due to tummy pains (just letting us know all about it). She's had lots of gas and I helped her poo...she's such a clencher! Hoping she can settle down and get some sleep tonight! 

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