Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Reagan slept though the night (even though she slept the entire day yesterday). I woke up around 6am and saw that she was awake and had kicked all her covers off. I changed her and moved her to her chair, turned on cartoons, and went back to bed. Around 7:30am she let out a loud scream! Mike ran in to check on her and then I heard him yell "TERA"!!!! I went running in there and found a poo-splosion waiting for me! It was in her chair and spilling out of both sides of her diaper! Yuck. It took about a half a pack of wipes to clean up the mess and she still was in desperate need for a bath! So had her in the tub and completely washed by the time the nurse got here. Thankfully she got here in time to help me get her out of the tub and dressed. It wasn't long before she had another one! And then two more this afternoon! That's a lot of poo! Not sure if it was the pedialyte that cleaned her out or what, but it obviously needed to get out! I'm also not sure what's going on with these sleepy days. It seems she went a long time without having any and then now she's having them on a regular basis again. It's interesting because I went back through the blog and found that she's having them almost exactly every 6 days...for about 6 weeks now! Crazy. Speaking of crazy...she's been a little kooky today. Very vocal. Giving loud squeals/screams for attention! Tonight she's had lots of bursts of kookiness that keep waking her back off. She'll doze off in her chair or my arms and be out cold, then pop back awake 15min later and look wide awake again. Hoping she can settle down and actually sleep tonight.

Ryan went on an outing today to a mini horse farm with some of the kids from his class! He fed/pet the animals but preferred playing in the rocks on the playground!

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Marc said...

Oh how Sarah and I can relate to the poop explosions. Always an adventure!