Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pee check (poo check!)

Reagan slept the whole night last night and woke up this morning right around 8am. She was calm but crunchy. The first pee of the day was definitely still stinky, so I called an made an appt to get her in to the pediatrician. Her body is still very tense and she's chewing on her hands a lot. She had speech this morning followed by PT. She really excelled in PT today, it seems being super crunchy is very conducive to rolling! Then this afternoon we made our way to the pediatrician's...unfortunately with brother in tow. Ryan was whining and fussing the entire time we were there. He was not only over due for a nap...he hates the drs office! Reagan, thankfully, was great! She weighed 52lbs...definitely up a couple of pounds since they weighed her at her yearly checkup. They cathed her and didn't get much but then in true fashion she peed out a lot around the cath (thankfully I had made them have a cup ready and they were able to catch some of it)! They tested it in the office for a UTI and it came back fine. They're sending the rest off for urine organic acids/polyols. On the way home both kiddos were getting very sleepy! Ryan went straight to bed (even asking "want to go to bed"?) and Reagan got a burst of energy and has been super vocal! We were suspecting a poo, she had big release of gas just as they cathed her in the office, and she did finally have one (with help) and then another completely on her own! Glad she got that out! She definitely seemed more relaxed and less tense afterward.

Ryan loves this fish tank in their pedi's office! 

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