Friday, July 31, 2015

More tube tube at last!

So last night my sweet girl slept...but we STILL had another tube malfunction that left her sleeping in wetness! So before she went to sleep last night I taped her tube in a position that would keep it from popping out but...however where it was taped, it kinked at some point in the night causing the medport to pop open and then leak all over her bed!! So this time not only did she have formula getting pumped out all over her bed and her, she had yellow bile draining from her tube as well! Poor thing. And she slept through it all! So it was around 7am when we figured this out and then I stripped the bed once again and started several more loads of laundry! Thank God I moved her tube change up! I don't think we could live with it another day! She's been a super sweet girl today despite all of that! She had speech this morning and was a little groggy. Then she fell asleep just in time to miss PT! She woke up when we started getting her ready to leave for her tube change. She was awake the whole way there, during and afterward. She was super calm though which is always good for a tube change. The nurse had to go back with her since we had Ryan with us, and she did mention that the radiologist was a bit of a B, but Reagan was super good and there were no issues. On our way home we decided to stop by the Aquarium, but Reagan was a little sensitive to the noise (we think it's the noisy birds she didn't like) and we didn't have her noise canceling head phones with us, so we made it a quick visit. She was a little groggy the rest of the day, took a nice nap but woke up not long after 6. She did doze off on her own tonight around 10:30, so maybe tomorrow will be a super sleepy day? It's feast or famine with her! All sleep or no sleep! :(

How brother entertained himself while Reagan got a new tube! (Waiting room Olympics!)

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