Thursday, July 30, 2015

Leaky tube and sweet girl

Well, so much for sleep last night for my girl! I was exhausted and was obviously out cold. When I did wake up around 6, I realized Reagan was wide awake and laying completely upside down in bed! I ran in there to find her no covers, upside down, squirmed completely out of her pants (and almost her diaper), arm restraint off, and wet laying in formula/bile!!! Ugh!!! This damn tube! The extension had popped out of her button and then fed the bed (because the lock has broken off and one touch of it when it's in the right position will cause it to just pop out)! Poor girl! So I got her up and changed and into her therapy room. Stripped the bed from top to bottom and started washing sheets. Reagan was a good sport about it though. She's still been pretty vocal today but very sweet and smiley. I did call and get her tube changed moved up to tomorrow...we wait til next week to get this tube problem resolved!! She's been great though. This afternoon she was playing with her eye gaze computer and was a complete superstar! She was using this greeting card program to design her own greeting card and she was just going to town with it. Then we gave her a good bath and then she had both PT and OT! She's still trying to get at that nose today, but we've done our best to keep her hand away from it! Tonight she was super sweet and cuddly...but not necessarily sleepy. Mike laid down with her and eventually she did fall asleep! Maybe we can try for a good/dry night's sleep tonight? 

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