Friday, July 3, 2015

Kicky slightly sensitive PRECIOUS girl!

Reagan slept last her bed! She was a little restless but she did sleep! She woke up early this morning but was all smiles. She's been super smiley all day today. Her body is still pretty tense. She's doing a lot of nonstop kicking. Still sticking her hands down her throat, but not nearly as often. Half of the time she's just got her hands by her side or holding onto her shirt. Big huge expressive eyes. Making great eye contact (she was doing this yesterday as well). Her nose has been cold and clammy and she's also sweating her back wet again. And a new thing...she's holding her pee. Only a few diapers all day, but they've been huge ones! She only had one therapy today, speech, but she was able to do some feeding therapy and work with her eyegaze computer! She's been pretty precious today but also a bit sensitive. There was a time during therapy where she seemed to be getting agitated when the nurse and therapist were talking and then again this afternoon when the nurse and I were talking...this time she ended up in tears! She recovered though and was all smiles once more. You can also tell her eyes are a bit sensitive. Even though she's been wide eyed, she'll squint here and there like they are sensitive to something. Hoping for a nice relaxed day tomorrow. We don't have a nurse, so we're hoping to go and do some things together as a family. Hopefully it all works out and we don't have to divide and conquer!

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