Sunday, July 26, 2015

Busy Sunday

I put Reagan to bed last night hoping she would sleep but also hoping maybe she would wake up in time to go for a run. I signed us up to do a virtual 5k for Ainsley's Angels (their sunset 5k was yesterday) in honor of Gwendolyn and Reagan's I run 4 runner Julie. When I went in to check on her at 5:30am, she was asleep but stretching with her fingers tangled up in her hair. As I untangled them, she woke up. Maybe she would've gone back to sleep, but I took her downstairs and put her in her jogging stroller. I got ready and we were out the door by 6. My running partner slept in a few minutes so we didn't get started til 6:15 or so. We walked 5min or so and then started running (my mom followed us in her car and yelled for us along the way). It's SO much harder pushing a stroller (and even more difficult pushing this giant jogging stroller)! I pushed the first 1.6 miles and my partner took over the next mile. Thank God I had some help because it was a challenge (you don't realize how much momentum you get from your arms while running until you can't use them)! I pushed the last 0.6 mile and then we were done! We did it! We finished in less than 40min so while not a good time for us, it was respectable all things considered. Reagan was a perfect angel and didn't make a peep the whole time! I think she enjoyed it. She never fell back asleep, but she was content nonetheless. She had a pretty good day today. She's still been tense in her body but pretty easy going. We decided to take a road trip driving around the lake and going to lunch in Marble Falls. Ryan was cracking us up on the drive singing this crazy rendition of the ABC's. He's such a ham! Reagan dozed off for a bit on the drive over there, but she woke up when we took her out to go eat lunch. It was a fun trip but good to be home and stretch our legs. Tonight we decided to take both kiddos swimming since the water was so warm. Reagan was a bit tense and serious, but every now and then she'd crack a smile. I know the water had to feel good to her. She was holding her pees again all day today (only went 3x and only when I used the water trick). Hoping she can get back on track with that soon. Tonight she's looking pretty sleepy so I think we might be in for some sleepy days. I know she needs it!

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