Sunday, July 19, 2015

BBQ and a bike ride

Sleep last night was not so good. Our super vocal/kooky girl did not want to settle down and sleep! I'm not sure how much sleep she got...not much (at least she was OK to lay in her bed). I was early to rise for my run, so I did get her out and into her chair bright and early. She's had a really good day today. She's still very vocal, but she hasn't really been sensitive or anything. She had two poos on her own, so that's always a good thing. She's been wiping at her poor little nose for a couple days now and it's really starting to get raw! She's really smooth about it though, she wipes at it when her fingers are in her mouth, so you don't even really notice her doing it! Tricky girl! My Dad and my step mother came over this afternoon so we could see them before they leave for their long trip to Norway/Europe! Ryan swam in the pool with Grandpa (showing off his swimming which seems to get better every day) and Reagan's nurse and I took Reagan out on her bike! It's not an easy task getting her all AFOed up and securely fastened into the bike, but once on she did seem to enjoy it! It was pretty hot though so we did our best to just stay in the shade...which consisted of us making lots of u turns up and down the same stretch of sidewalk! Even my step sister stopped in to join us for great food that Mike grilled up! We had a nice time and everyone was well behaved! Tonight Reagan has been looking pretty restless again. She was having some big yawns and did finally doze off, but she woke up when Mike moved her to her bed. I think it's gonna be another one of those nights. Ugh. Sleep girl!!


Anonymous said...

She is soooo beautiful! Looks so much like you! ;) Meghan

Reagan Leigh said...

Awww thanks!! :)