Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another sleepy one

Reagan slept last night and then slept a lot today. She did wake up but then took a couple really long naps this morning and this afternoon. No speech today, so that worked out well, but she did sleep through and miss PT. Oh well. She definitely needs her sleep. She's been super crunchy and into her hair when awake! Pretty tense. She woke up right as the nurse was leaving and boy did she wake up on the wrong side of the bean bag chair! She burst into tears a couple of times, she was super sensitive to talking and any noise. I gave her some oxycodone and she did settle down a little, but never fell asleep. I think her tummy was really bothering her. I picked her up and held her and she eventually relaxed enough to doze off. Mike was able to transfer her to bed but she was pretty restless each time I went in to give her medicine...and very handsy...kept grabbing at her tube! Hoping she can sleep tonight and wake up feeling a little better tomorrow!

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