Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Super sleepy...again!

Reagan did sleep last night and then just kept sleeping...and sleeping...and sleeping! Today was a super sleepy day. She only woke up a couple of times today and never more than a few minutes. Just long enough to get her diaper changed and get her repositioned. I love to see her sleeping so peacefully, but it does make me wonder...what's going on in her body that's making her do this once again? It seemed she went quite a while without having any of the sleep all day sort of days and then now she's back to having them at least once a week. Strange. We also noticed today that the stinky pees are back! So assuming that's still the case tomorrow, we may be running in to to the pedi's office to get her cathed and finally get those urine labs her geneticist wanted (as well as check for a UTI...although she has had no other symptoms). The only thing we can correlate with these stinky pees, they seem to have become more common since adding the extra pedialyte. Not sure if this is at all related, or if it's just by chance. Hopefully we'll get some answers from the urinalysis. Hoping for a more awake/good day for my girl tomorrow!

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