Saturday, June 27, 2015

Still vocal/kooky

This weekend did not get off to a good start! First thing this morning we get a call from Reagan's Saturday nurse to say that she's not coming in today because it's raining! That's right...raining! I mean sure, you'll be late because it's storming and your afraid to drive, but not coming in at all?!?! Ugh. Not happy. Thankfully Grandma was here and both kiddos were pretty well behaved. Reagan was still very vocal and kooky today. She's putting her hands in her mouth, not a ton, but obviously enough to rub her nose raw. This afternoon Reagan hung out with Grandma while we went to a pool party for our Bible study. I wanted to take her but I'm so glad I didn't...I was eaten alive by mosquitoes! She's so sensitive to mosquito bites, it would've been a major disaster! She had fun with Grandma and Ryan had a blast swimming in a crowded pool! Good times.  Reagan was fighting going to sleep tonight but she finally went down. Hoping she stays asleep but I'm not super confident.

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