Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sleeping beauty

Reagan slept through the night last night (thank God). She also slept the majority of the day! She woke up for a period this morning, long enough for us to get her out of her chair, change her and get her into her bean bag chair. She was still very tense, but maybe a tiny bit less. She snarled at me when I tried to talk to her. She dozed back off and we had to cancel all of her therapies. She did a lot of moving and stretching, but even slept through another diaper change. She didn't wake up til around 7pm. She seems less stressed tonight. I changed her clothes and left her arm restraints off. She was still a little on edge but we just kept it calm and quiet. I traded spots with Mike for a bit, he stayed upstairs with Reagan while I went downstairs and fed Ryan and got him ready for bed. I popped back up for a second to give Reagan a medicine and found Mike fast asleep at her feet (still holding her leg) and her wide awake...staring at him while he snored! Eventually she dozed off and he was able to move her to her bed! Hoping she can get another good night's sleep tonight! My princess obviously needs her sleep!

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Katie said...

That really does look like one cosy chair!