Thursday, June 25, 2015

She's awake and spunky!

Reagan finally woke up! She's been a spunky girl today! Well rested and ready to go! She only had one therapy, OT, but she did well with that. Sat up in her bumbo chair (childrite chair), spent some time in her stander, had a couple of poos on her own, you know, routine therapy session! She's been really funny today, making this high pitched squeal any time she wants attention! And when I say high pitched, I mean break glass sort squeal! She's a character! Lots of energy after all of that sleep. Pee still a little stinky...we're in talks with the pediatrician to see about getting it analyzed. Trying to get in touch with the metabolic dr to make sure we get everything he wanted on the order. So, if the pee is still stinky tomorrow, we'll take her in and get a urine sample. Praying my kooky girl can get some sleep tonight! 
Ryan and I took a quick 15min trip to the aquarium today. Here he is at the ray touch tank...his favorite!

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