Monday, June 29, 2015

Long night and not so good day

Reagan was up nearly the entire night last night (and so was I). Nothing was helping settle her down. I definitely think her tummy was hurting her. It was such a looooooooong night! She'd settle down when I was in there with her, but otherwise she'd fuss and moan. Unfortunately, today hasn't been much better. This morning she was getting increasingly tense again so her nurse gave her oxycodone. That helped her to relax and sleep a little. She slept through all of her therapies today...missing speech, PT, and OT! She did wake up once crying. Not good (we started her back on pedialyte today). This afternoon she finally seemed to take a turn for the better and she was more awake and we actually saw some smiles. Getting some gas out and a leg rub from mommy seemed to do the trick (her legs were SO tense I rubbed some panaway essential oil on them). Tonight she seems very off neurologically. Super tense/stiff, dozing off but then startling back awake and stiffening out, sweating her back so wet I had to change her pjs, maybe a slight hint of bad day smell, and still super sensitive (almost cried a few times because of us talking). Hoping some how, some way she can get sleep tonight. I've  been running on fumes all day, I definitely can't handle another night like last night.

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