Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sweet but still no sleep!

Last night was even more rough than the night before. Reagan was very restless and would moan/fuss and I'd have to run in her room and calm her. This happened at least once an hour, so needless to say it was a looooooong night! The thing is, she wasn't fussy or having a bad day, but I think she was just so frustrated by not being able to sleep (and not having anyone in there constantly beside her)! I tried everything I had to get her to sleep, but nothing was touching her! Poor thing. Thankfully she was well behaved (despite no sleep) and somehow I survived the morning without a nurse. Grandma did come to the rescue though. Reagan was very happy to see her Grandma (still slightly sensitive, but a pretty good day overall)! Ryan was pretty happy to see Grandma as well! He's still got a nasty cough, so we've done our best to keep him away from his sister all week. Hoping he's almost done with this junk and we can stop our quarantine! Tonight Reagan was super sweet but still not getting sleepy. I did finally resort to clonidine around 11:30 and she appears to be dozing off in her bed! Praying my girl can finally get some much needed sleep!

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