Saturday, June 20, 2015

Getting better

Reagan was a little moany last night. She'd moan, I'd jump up and run in her room, and she'd be still and quiet. This happened over and over again until finally around 6:30 I told Mike it was his turn. He went in and was about to lay down with her when he realized she was soaked! Hmmm, poor girl, I wonder how long she had been trying to tell us that! I changed her and stripped her bed (another stinky pee) and put her in her chair then went for my run. When I got back she was still wide awake. She's definitely been more calm than yesterday, although still very sensitive to us talking. Her eyes look a little more sleepy today, but she hasn't napped at all. She's been very into her hand and very warm (her back is sweating wet very easily). Her body is crazy tense and she's very crunchy, but her overall demeanor is better (if that makes sense). We've been giving her pedialyte since yesterday so hopefully she's on an upswing now.
Hanging out...watching cartoons together! 

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