Friday, June 5, 2015

Busy day, precious girl

Reagan has had another great day today! Still super giggly and goofy. Slightly more sensitive today. We noticed a few times when we were talking, she'd interrupt us with a loud vocalization. I think she does this just to get our undivided attention. It works. It's been a busy morning. Reagan had speech therapy and as soon as she was finished, we jumped in the car and went to the aquarium! We had a great time. Both kiddos really seem to love it. Afterward we came home, unloaded Reagan and nurse and then changed into swimsuits and headed to our neighborhood pool. There we met up with a little boy from Ryan's class. They didn't interact much, the pool was bustling with kids (it was the last day of school), but his mom and I got to talk a little. We're hoping to get a few of the kiddos together (the ones that live in our neighborhood anyway) throughout the summer since they will all still be in the same class next year! Ryan had a blast. He was out in the middle of all of the older kids just floating along. It was chaos though. We were all exhausted this afternoon and just took it easy. Tonight Reagan and I snuggled a lot. Oh my, this girl is SO precious! Huge eyes, nonstop smiles...beyond adorable! Tonight she needed the clonidine again to fall asleep, but she's asleep in her bed now, so hopefully she'll have another good night!

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