Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet girl and new gj tube

Still no sleep last night. Seriously, I don't know if she slept AT ALL. I woke up at 5:15am to her vocalizing, but she looked completely wide eyed and not sleepy in the least. I don't know if that means she slept and was rested or if she never fell asleep in the first place!?!? She was smiling and content though so I was happy about that. Unfortunately I couldn't go back to sleep though because I had to run at 5:45am, so that was a whopping 4hrs 40min of sleep for me. Ugh. I don't function well without sleep, although for the past 8yrs, I've been forced to cope with what I can get. We had a very busy day today. This morning we had an appt at Dell to have Reagan's gj-tube changed out. It's been exactly 4 months to the day since her last tube change. We figured we had better get in this week rather than risk spending another Mother's Day in the ER due to a broken tube (last year's mother's day). Other than waiting over an hour in a noisy waiting room, everything went well. She had some slight discomfort as they pulled it out and put the new one in, but other than a few vocalizations, she held it together well. We even ran over to the GI doctor's office to get a quick weight. 49.5lbs...she's holding steady! We're happy with that! On our way home, she was starting to look sleepy in the car, but she got a second wind when we got home. She had OT and got some really good stretching in (and gas out) and then she had vision/school. Again, there was a short period of time right after school where she looked as if she might doze off, but it never happened. She was pretty wide awake the rest of the night. Constantly fighting us for those hands! Tonight was FINALLY got her to sleep in her bed! Praying she gets a good night's sleep!

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