Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sensitive and sickie brother

Reagan slept well, waking up a little early, around 6:30am this morning. She was super sweet and laid back though, so we all breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that is, until she heard me talking to Mike. She freaked out! Tears and all! At first I just thought it was me, but as it turns out she was fine with me talking directly to her. Even super smiley and laid back...until something triggers her. She's just really sensitive today. She nearly started crying again when the Mickey Mouse Club song came on! Ryan spiked a fever this morning so we decided to keep Reagan upstairs in her therapy room to try to keep him from infecting her. She dozed off shortly thereafter. Ryan was running a 102 fever and super lethargic/sickie. Mike's sister's and kiddos/husband came over to go swimming around 11am and Ryan just wasn't into it. He just moped around feeling miserable (even his ears were bright red from the fever). Finally he decided he wanted to get in and then his whole mood changed! He was smiling and having a ball! His fever obviously went down from being in the cold pool, and even though he was shivering, he didn't even want to get out! We finally got him out and he was much cooler. His whole class was sneezing last week and then on Friday two kids were out with fevers, so it's obviously something he picked up at school! Hopefully, it will be shortlived and he won't miss much school. We STILL don't have a Monday (or weekend) nurse, so I'm a little annoyed with that. Thankfully our night nurse is going to pick up part of the morning shift tomorrow, so that will help out a lot. Please say some prayers for both of our kiddos tonight! I'm not really sure what to expect tomorrow...

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