Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good day

Reagan had another good night's sleep last night! She woke up around 7:30am and was still serious but sweet. She's been very laid back and calm today. Still no real smiles or laughs, but we know they're in there! This morning the DME guy came by to adjust her stander. We're kinda nearing the end of growth for this thing. It had obviously shifted a little (a few knobs were loose), but she's obviously grown a little as well, so he made some major adjustments and she's good to go now! She was such a trooper, letting us move her in and out and sit her up and lean her back, and then afterward she even spent some time standing in it! Then this afternoon she put up with her brother's craziness swinging on her swing over and over and listening to "A tooty ta" over and over again! She's definitely laid back today! While brother took a nap, Reagan had school and vision therapy and did a great job with both! It's been a really great day for my girl. Hoping for many more! 

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