Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hanging in there!

Reagan had another kooky sort of day today! Thankfully, I was right and she did sleep last night! And she woke up this morning with a smile still on her face! She's continued to be very vocal and more sensitive/tense today, but she's hanging in there! To be honest, we really thought she was going to have a bad day yesterday (as it had been 12 days since her last bad day), but she has pulled through and proved to us once again that she follows her own schedule! Hey, we'll take it! But we did start adding the pedialyte flushes on Wed and we'll just keep them coming over the next few days...just in case! I did notice a few "symptoms" that have me slightly concerned about imminent bad days today. Her breath had a bit of a different smell, she also had increased body odor, and tonight she was doing a lot of mouth movements (licking, smacking, and swallowing). Hopefully it's nothing, but just something to note. Today she only had one therapy OT. She got very vocal again during therapy, but at least she got in some good stretching! Tonight she was really fighting sleep again. I tried her out in her bed but after an hour or so of increased vocalizations and lots of kicking around, I finally moved her back to her chair. It doesn't appear that she's going to sleep tonight, but I'm hoping maybe she'll get some sleep! Please keep my girl in your prayers!

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Diane said...

12 days is good! But hoping the little signs will just pass and she can start a record long streak of good ones!