Monday, May 25, 2015

Great day, bad weather

Reagan had a GREAT day today! She's been super precious again. Very calm and laid back. Just so content. She had speech this morning...the only therapist working today on Memorial Day. She did great with that and she was talking about how well she's doing answering questions with it! This afternoon we had some serious weather move in and it was POURING! The tornado sirens even started going off. We were watching a lot of news and eventually moved everyone downstairs close to the pantry (the only room in the center of the house and under the stairs)! Thankfully we didn't have to seek shelter, because Ryan would have definitely driven us all crazy in that confined space (he's got a runny nose and bit of a cough today so I'm wondering if maybe he's getting sick)! Reagan was super laid back through everything! So glad to see her so relaxed and calm. Tonight she was kicking around a little more than this morning, but she was still super relaxed. Lots of cuddling again tonight and she dozed off on my lap around 11:30pm with the help of clonidine. Love this girl!

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Clarissa said...

Glad Reagan is doing good and that you are staying safe from the bad weather, I was thinking of you!