Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good day and sleep

Woo hoo! Reagan FINALLY slept! Granted, it was only about 5hrs, but I'll take it! She's had another really good day today. She's been less sensitive and more laid back. Very sweet and smiley.  We have been giving her Pedialyte for the last couple of days...Wednesday marked day 12 since her last bad day and I was afraid we were headed toward another. But it seems that adding the pedialyte has helped to stave off the bad days and today she seems more relaxed than she's been in days. Her temperature regulation is a bit off, she's sweating her back wet, but otherwise she's been great. Tonight she's precious but still not wanting to fall asleep on her own. I gave her clonidine again and it seems to be working. She is finally asleep (by midnight). Hoping for another good night's sleep and great day for my girl!

Pizza, one of the only foods he'll eat right now! 

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