Friday, May 29, 2015

Busy day

Reagan did not sleep well last night (and neither did I). She was very restless and would moan and groan until I would go in there. It was a long night. She had a busy morning though...early morning speech followed by another make up session of PT. She's still very sensitive and kooky/vocal, so everyone just had to be careful. She got a little extra worked up with PT, but she powered through it. We gave her a bath immediately after, and that seemed to help her relax a bit. She had the rest of the afternoon to just lay back and take it afternoon, however, was jam packed! I picked Ryan up from school and we made a long anticipated trip to the Aquarium (he's been asking to go all week...he asks for "bish"). Afterward we drove into town for a drs appt for him. Then we headed home in Friday traffic and had an hour or so before we left with my Dad and step mother to go visit my aunt and cousins in Spicewood (an 1hr and 15min away). On our way there I received a text from the nursing agency that our weekend nurse had last minute canceled for the weekend. I was beyond furious. Thankfully one of our other nurses was willing to pick up most of the hours so we won't be totally without help. So other than the major annoyance, it was actually a beautiful drive. It was great to see everyone, but Ryan was driving me crazy! He was running a muck the entire time. By the time we got home it was way past his bedtime so he went straight to sleep. Reagan on the other hand was not that easy. It doesn't appear that she's going to sleep tonight. Hoping I'm wrong because I'm big time exhausted!

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